About Wheelhouse Writing Retreats

Wheelhouse is a sailing term, originally. It shelters the wheelman, so he can steer the ship on its course clear-eyed, safe from wind and rain. Now, we're writers, not sailors, sure. But we do the very same thing. 

Wheelhouse Writing Retreats provides custom-tailored mentorship and teaching from professional screenwriters, a tight-knit community of peers, and the rarest commodity of all: peace to write. An antique waterfront estate restored to perfection, catered meals showcasing local specialties, and best safety practices to build an environment safe from COVID-19 - we free you to write your best. 

You tell your story. We'll keep the rain off your back.

No upcoming events at the moment

Script Services

Get a glimpse of our high quality feedback though our script services. Give your script the time and attention it deserves, with an eye toward helping you make it even better. Choose the package that is right for you and submit your script to scripts@wheelhousefilms.com

Feedback will be honest, detailed, and respectful. Guaranteed.